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Getting your own website to display your crazy skills is a dream for everyone. Here at GetMeLive we believe in same and thus provide you with domains and related services at competitive prices.

Our team here at GetMeLive truly believes that as you step into modern professional world ,we are there to support you at every step while showcasing your talent to the world.
In order to excel in modern era every firm needs to have an strong online presence. Getting good quality domain service thus becomes a key factor.

Application Development

Our team has expertise in app development with experience in creating market competitive apps for your tasks.

Website Developement

Ever saw a cool website and wished you had a similar one? Go nowhere.Our team has experience in creating dynamic and beautiful websites...

Meet Our Team

We work with forward thinking clients to create beautiful, efficient and amazing things that bring positive results.

Mit Parekh


A dynamic professional with good coding skills and experience. He has many freelancing projects completed under his supervision.

Anish Pandita


Experienced web developer and has good managing skills.

Jitendra Sachwani


Highly skilled professional with amazing coding,debugging and analysis skills. He has ventured for several firms as intern and too has good amount of experience under him .